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2 months till the big day!!!

So a lot has happen since we lost blogged! I know we are super bad at staying up to date….
We were blessed with two amazing showers in April, one in Cleveland and one in Columbus! The Cleveland shower was hosted by my mother and had a fabulous Alice in Wonderland Theme! My mother really out did herself and I think all 60 ladies were very impressed by the shower! Most of my bridal party was able to make the shower which was the icing on the cake, or in this case, the icing on the cupcakes!  Unfortunately, my sister Lauren wasn’t able to make the trip from Phoenix but, we were able to Facetime with her during a few of the big events at the shower! At the shower Eric and I played the newlywed game and I hate to admit it but, we did horrible. I will say that the questions we were asked were pretty difficult, not to mention Eric threw a few of the answers on purpose. Such a Jokester! Lucky for Eric, a few of his friends came to the shower, to save him from all the girlie wedding talk, and took him downstairs for some drinks and poker! By the time the shower was done Eric had broken even and was starting to slur his words. So I think all in all he had a great time at our shower!
My Columbus shower, thrown by my friends Laura and Ashley, was perfect and intimate! There was only 8 girls in attendance, which was a nice change of pace from the 60+ party we just had. We played the question game at this shower and I got way more answers right about Eric than I did at the last shower, so it made me feel much better, like I actually know the groom or something?! Ha! The girls prepared some delicious brunch food and a yummy SuzBridal drink, Champaign with link lemonade (my new fav). DELISH!
Between the two showers, Eric and I got a ton of fantastic items off of our registry, leaving us with very little to have to purchase ourselves. Hopefully in the near future we will have a house large enough to house our presents and host a fantastic party with all our gifts!!
Invitations are next on our list and will be going out in the next week or so! We can’t wait for you all to see them as we LOVE the design and personalization! I wasn’t lying, my design team is UNREAL!!
Next up is our bachelorette and bachelor party weekends in PIB, different weekends of course! I am sure we will have some PG related items we can share from those weekends in our next blog!

Can’t wait to see you all at the wedding!

Honeymooning and Food Tasting

Well after many months and conversations about the Honeymoon we finally made a decision. It was a tough deciding between Jamaica and Punta Cana but the resort we chose was the deciding factor. Eric and I will be honeymooning at the Iberostar Grand Hotel Bavaro in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic! We are so excited and cannot wait to kick off our marriage with delicious drinks, warm sandy beaches and fantastic tans! I have no doubt we will have a competition between each other, “Who gets the tannest!”

Earlier this month Eric, I and our parents got to sit down and enjoy a tasting at Landerhaven. We already had our “preferred personalized” menu on paper, but we have never tried the food. From what we heard, the food at Landerhaven is fantastic and let me tell you, they didn’t disappoint! The food and the displays were extremely well done and Landerhaven continues to exceed my expectations. If you haven’t heard already, we are doing a “station” style dinner! The stations will be personalized to our taste. My station has an Italian theme and Eric’s has a Mexican theme, which I am sure is no surprise to those that know Eric’s obsession with Mexican food!  You will all be very pleased with our menu and I promise, you won’t go home hungry! After the tasting my mom, the wedding coordinator and I picked out linens for the tables and we can’t wait to see the room completed in a few months. It is going to look beautiful!!

Thank you all for following us as we plan the best day of our lives! See you all in 125 days!!


158 Days till the wedding!!! Time to Register!!?!?!

Last weekend we got around to registering at a couple of our favorite places for the wedding. I wasn’t sure what to expect other than Suz dragging me around a store while I pouted because my feet hurt. I had heard that it was a fun time though as you have free rein to run around and pick out whatever you choose. Our first stop we were assisted by a little Asian lady who was a ball of energy. We picked out some fine China and a lot of Kitchen supplies. We were there for about 3 hours or so and I didn’t even end up registering for what I wanted the most (Jnco Jeans). The wedding lady at the second place actually took more time to get to know us personally which was nice. I was honored bc Suz actually let me pick out our everyday plateware all by myself. We did major damage here scoring a lot more of the little things we need that the first place didn't have. I am keeping my fingers crossed I get the foot massager I picked out.- Eric

You Switched The Venue?!?!
It is true; Eric and I have decided to switch our venue! As you can see from my original post, I had a few lingering doubts about Blue Heron being that the course still wasn’t purchased. When I started to hear bankruptcy rumors on a Thursday, I decided to finally throw in the towel. (Did I mention our Save The Dates had just been printed with, Medina, OH?! Ugh) Lucky for us my parents offered to go look at two venues, that I considered nice enough and available on our original date, the following Saturday. They were able to Facetime me, so Tiffany one of my bridesmaids and I were able to see the two locations and all they had to offer without being there! If you are wondering where Eric was well, he was sleeping and watching football! His favorite Saturday pastime! Collectivley we agreed that Landerhaven was beautiful and almost better than Blue Heron! We are a little nervous about the size of the venue being that we are inviting a ton of family and friends, but I am positive it will work out perfect!

So when you get the save the date and you see a minor imperfection by the location, you understand why!!
Thanks to everyone that had to hear me cry and stress about the appearance of the old venue! I assure you, the rest of this process will be much easier!

My amazing sister Nichole surprised Eric & I with this video at our engagement party.

Hey everyone welcome to our website!! This beautiful website was hand built by my amazing and creative best friend, Jess Hanebury!! Eric or I…well let’s be honest, I will make blog posts throughout the wedding planning process to keep you up to date on everything and hopefully share some funny stories over the next 9 months!

When we got engaged at the end of February I thought we had plenty of time to plan! Now that I’ve hit the 9 month mark, I am starting to freak out a bit. I mean, we have the venue (which almost turned into a debacle), photographer, DJ, lighting and my dress completed! However, it seems like we have soooo much more to do in the next few months and I am starting to freak out a bit! My next big task is to find a florist that is fantastic but affordable! Any suggestions please comment below! :)

So the venue debacle story…The Blue Heron Golf Course was supposedly under new ownership when we signed the contract. A few months go by and it turns out it wasn’t sold and the golf course wasn’t being kept up! In typical Suz fashion, I freaked out when I heard this terrible and devastating news! I immediately started calling venues to see what availability they had for June 2013, as you can imagine there were only a few venues available that I would even consider! After checking out a few other spots, it became clear that we loved the Blue Heron Ballroom and would stick it out with hopes that the course would be sold! As luck would have it, the golf course was purchased a few weeks ago, and will be open in time for our June 2013 wedding!! I can’t wait to see how amazing the greens look and I am even more excited about the beautiful ballroom and the amazing patio where the ceremony will take place!

I am sure the big question on everyone’s mind is, “Are you guys fighting at all?” The truth is we haven’t had one fight about the wedding! In fact the only thing Eric has had an opinion was the DJ and I’ve could care less! He has honestly been my rock and has put up with all my freaks out no matter how crazy or irrelevant they seemed to be! I hope he continues to be calm as we start to get closer and closer to the date because at the end of the day I am going to marry my best friend on June 29th 2013 and I can’t wait!!

Enjoy the site!! XOXO